I Opened a Bookish Shop!✨👀

Yes. I opened a shop. You read right. ”But, Breny, we are in the midst of a world crisis and you decide to open a shop?!” Yes, I’m that crazy, hehe.

No, but seriously though, I couldn’t be happier or more excited with this incredible new venture. What better remedy for the afflicted soul than a little bookish magic?! Bookstores are now closed *cries dramatically*, coffee shops were left in oblivion, all the writing retreats and book conferences are canceled…times are grim, my friends, especially for us bookworms.

But in the midst of all this craziness, there is a light. A lighthouse shining in the midst of the tremulous darkness, lol. I present to you *drum rolls*





Eeep! Yessss! *does happy dance*. AHHHH, It has always been my dream to create a bookish shop, and now it happened. I can’t tell you how happy I am right now.

My Bookish Den is a bookish sweatshirt/hoodie shop dedicated to making your life a cozy bookish experience. Every single design in our shop will be original, designed for bookworms by bookworms. I’m not kidding when I say each of our designers helping in the creation of our clothing collection are bookworms. Each and every one of them. The best, most amazing people, creating designs that will blow your mind and make your bookish heart flutter! 😭❤️

And that’s what makes our shop special. It’s creating a place were different times of creators come together to create a piece that will speak of the thing that unites us all, books. You know how amazing is that?!? I still can’t believe this is happening.

But, how does this shop work, you might ask… Well, let me tell you 👏🏼✨.

My Bookish Den will be a pop-up shop that will be open for two weeks each month/ month and a half. In those two weeks, you can get our exclusive Limited Edition designs in our shop. After those two weeks are over the designs are gone for good. This will allow us to create more beautiful sweatshirts each time we open the shop, and never run out of the bookish magic ✨ 🦄.

After those two weeks are over, we will process the orders and send them to production *YAY*. We believe in being a sustainable business and the most ecological we can, that’s why we will process the orders after the two weeks are over, generating less material waste, electricity, and water with our printing process.

That being said, we can’t WAIT to share the collection for our first sale. It will be epic. The collection is inspired by a great writer that revolutionized fantasy and made our magic dreams come true 🦋. If you want a sneak peak, go check out My Bookish Den at @mybookishden . There we will be posting all the shop updates, releases, and more!

ps. Before I forget! Subscribe to the blog if you want updates on the shop and other bookish goodness delivered to your mailbox every now and then:)

*sending all the love in the whole world* This couldn’t be possible with you 💜,


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