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Book Review: Sing Me Forgotten by Jessica S. Olson


Sing Me Forgotten by Jessica S. Olsen

Published by  Inkyard Press

Genres: YA, Retelling, Romance, Gothic, Fantasy

Pages: 336

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Isda does not exist. At least not beyond the opulent walls of the opera house.

Cast into a well at birth for being one of the magical few who can manipulate memories when people sing, she was saved by Cyril, the opera house’s owner. Since that day, he has given her sanctuary from the murderous world outside. All he asks in return is that she use her power to keep ticket sales high—and that she stay out of sight. For if anyone discovers she survived, Isda and Cyril would pay with their lives.

But Isda breaks Cyril’s cardinal rule when she meets Emeric Rodin, a charming boy who throws her quiet, solitary life out of balance. His voice is unlike any she’s ever heard, but the real shock comes when she finds in his memories hints of a way to finally break free of her gilded prison.

Haunted by this possibility, Isda spends more and more time with Emeric, searching for answers in his music and his past. But the price of freedom is steeper than Isda could ever know. For even as she struggles with her growing feelings for Emeric, she learns that in order to take charge of her own destiny, she must become the monster the world tried to drown in the first place.

 ✨My Review✨

An adorable, music loving guy that loves making caramel, a red haired piano loving girl that has memory manipulation abilities, a society were memories are currency PLUS a gothic French opera house…
If that isn’t enough to make you want to read this book I don’t know what will 😂 (< That was me!)

The thing with new releases and hyped books is that it can be a complete hit or miss. YA is a tricky genre- more so in the fantasy realm of books…. 
But, the question is, did I like this book? Did it hit the mark to reside on my bookshelf? 😂

The thing is- ok let me explain ⬇️

This book was so original and unique I give it a solid 4 stars because of that. The plot seemed a little slow and I thought at first that it was going to turn cliche but then the twists and turns it took, specially after hitting that 60% mark were what encouraged me to finish it (it was quite slow in the beginning… ) . After that, it was super intense and filled with action and that author explained things that were not quite clear for me in the beginning. I loved the idea of having humans that have the ability to extract memory elixir from people and ahhh! So good! 

The characters were also nicely developed and I loved the male lead character, Emeric. A complete cinnamon roll 😂🤍 🍬 He is the cutest most talented opera janitor in the whole galaxy 😉😆

Ok. The MC, Isda, had a very unusual character growth throughout the book… I won’t say more because it will spoil the book but I will say it wasn’t my fav. The story ended and I really cared more about the love interest than for her.
Which was kinda of a bummer because in WANTED to care for her but it got to a point I just couldn’t 😭 because- yeah.

BUT, even so, I would have given the book a solid 4 stars if it wasn’t for two things that I just don’t feel comfortable reading about.

*Trigger warning* ⚠️ 

Throughout the book we see the MC and another character practice self mutilation. I understand why she did it but I don’t like reading about a teenager grabbing a knife and carving her skin because she wants to be able to use her magic better… nope.

Also, I don’t like how the last half of the book became all bloody and gory… Semi descriptive shootings, mental and physical abuse, blood, and Ohmygosh, the endingggggg! That was a savage ending . 

There is also use of the word d*mn, mention of the word “curses”, two semi descriptive kisses and one more descriptive and physical kiss. They have their own deity called the god of Memory whom them refer to constantly.

So yeahhhhhh… I dunno… it wasn’t a book that made me feel happy in the end. And I love to feel happy or a little sad but I didn’t get that with this book. It was kinda depressing, to be honest.

Those are all my honest thoughts and I hope they help you decide if this book is for you or not!

About the Author

8W2A1870 (1).jpg

Jessica S. Olson claims New Hampshire as her home, but has somehow found herself in Texas, where she spends most of her time singing praises to the inventor of the air conditioner. When she’s not hiding from the heat, she’s corralling her three wild—but adorable—children, dreaming up stories about kissing and murder and magic, and eating peanut butter by the spoonful straight from the jar. She earned a bachelor’s in English with minors in editing and French, which essentially means she spent all of her university time reading and eating French pastries. Sing Me Forgotten is her debut novel.

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