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My First Book Inspired Merch Board: John Eyre by Mimi Matthews

If you guys have been following me on social media, you know I’m currently going through an emotionally unstable phase of binge reading all of Mimi Matthews’ books. Yes, I love them and, yes, my goal is to read them all (I’m obsessed if it’s not obvious enough,lol)

Anyways, today I bring to you a merch board inspired by Mimi’s latest gothic/fantasy book, John Eyre *round of applause*. If you haven’t read my review of this masterpiece you can click here to go read it *winks*.

This book is a gothic, fantasy-mashup of the Classic Jane Eyre book with another classic that is a spoiler so it shall not be named (shhhh, hehe). And what makes this book even more interesting and magical, is that it’s gender bent! If you guys don’t know what that is, it means that in this retelling, the main character is not a girl but a guy named John 😍. So the roles are inversed, my friends.

I’ll stop talking about the book because you guys def need to check it out! I leave you with nine items that instantly came to my mind based on the book ;) They will bring to live this bookish adventure I hope you will embark on! Enjoy!

  1. First we have our classic book of Jane Eyre by Chiltern Publishers! This book is an absolute beauty. It has golden sprayed edges and beautiful foil details on the cover. One hundered percent Breny approved, and a must have in your collection ;)
  2. What is more magical that being able to immerse yourself in the one and only Thornfield Hall? Infused with Black Tea and Currants, these soy wax candles made by Plot Twist Wicks will transport you to a time and place of book-filled libraries and steaming hot tea.
  3. This gorgeous, one of a kind, Jane Eyre painting by Tammy Wampler, is a complete must have. Made with soft, colorful inks on archival paper, this portrait will adorn your wall with the mystery and magic of this wonderful classic tale.
  4. This silver locket  acompanies one of our main characters throughout the book, and you can too wear it! Made with with sterling silver, this dainty, heart shaped locket, will hold pictures of those you love close to your heart.
  5. Ahhh one of my favorite items of this list! Inspired by the drawings done by our main characters and his pupils, this Arrtx gouche paint set is dreamy as dreamy gets. With a beautiful consistency and pastel, saturated colors, this Tik Tok and PaintTube famous set will help you bring your most daring drawings to live.
  6. Even though this is not a Jane Eyre quote, this beautiful bookish tea cup gives you all the John Eyre vibes! Printed with the Pride and Prejudice quote ”There is no enjoyment like reading”, this tea cup, with its matchig little spoon, is an adorable must-have.
  7. Isn’t this Thornfield t-shirt an absolute beauty? Printed with a handpainted design, this shirt is one bound to make you stand out among your bookish friends.
  8. In our book, we find out that the mysterious Mrs. Rochester wears a perfume of Vanilla, spices and Sandalwood, one much alike as this one here! Made from natural essential oils of creamy vanilla and exotic sandalwood, this sweet blend will put you in full on reading mood.
  9. Raise your hand if you love bookish maps as we do!!! Ah, this literary map features bookish places accorss the UK and Ireland from the 100 Acre Wood to Thornfield Hall!

I hope you enjoyed this little list as much as I did! If you have any book suggestions for our next Merch Boards, please drop your comment below and I’ll be sure to check it out! ❤️

Much love and blessings,


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