Hello from mars 💫

Hello from mars 💫

I wish I could say I was indeed in mars, but honestly, the farthest I’ve been away form home has been in my MarCraft productivity app lol (btw, check it out, heheh). I have deicated my time to build a virtual martian colony– the more hours I studied, the more my colony grew….Kinda addictive 😂 (I promise you I’m not crazyyyy. Okkkk, maybe a little bit.)

But, honeslty? I’ve been drowning in college work. Drowning deosnt even scratch the surfuce of how busy I’ve been. With just saying that I, a tea drinking, caffeine loathing, lemonade loving human drank CUPS of Coffee daily, you can get the idea of how crazy times have been. I know people drink five cups of coffee per day like its nothing, but, I’m a newbie, ok? I’m a Young coffee padawan.

Anyway, besides memorizing medical terms and procederes, and calcualting chemical formulas (yuck), I have read….ZERO fiction books 😭.

Okokokokok. Not 100% true, hehehe. I read three Mesu Andrew books, and right now I’m Reading Connylins Cossette’s just released book, Among the Cedars!! Eeep!!

Those have literaly been the only books I’ve read in two months. Kinda pethetic for a person who read 10-15 per month but, oh well. Right now my priority is to do well in medschool and not die in the process 😂.

I can’t wait for holidays tho! Even though I’ll be taking some extra classes to speed things up a bit, I will have more time available to read all the books galore.

I pinky promise I shall try to be a responsable human being and do more book reviews and little updates. :)))

Its so crazy to think that this time last year I had no idea I was going to study to become a doctor…I honestly thought my purpose was just to read and write for the rest of my life….God must have been chuckling at my plans because he had greater ones, as He ALWAYS does with each one of His children– be it writing the most beautiful and magical stories, or being the most enthusiatic reader/reviewer in the universe, there is nothing better than being at the center of His perfect will.

I miss you all so much! Specilaly my insta fam 😭❤️. I wish I could have the time and mental space to go back right now but I feel its not the time yet. Someday you’ll get a unicorn explosion pic in your feed and you’ll know I’m back 😂💕 But for now, I’ll try to enjoy this little blog that keeps me close to this beautiful and loving community of Christian readers.

With all my love,