Hi :)

Let’s skip formal intros, shall we?  * sips matcha *

My name is Breny. I’m a voracious reader and sinful human that found love and grace in Jesus. You can find me pondering about life while reading my Bible or fangirling with books that power me the same way gallons of coffee do while I take a break from chem and physic classes.

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Just imagine and an explosion of rainbows and the personality of hobbit mixed with a little Jo March in here and there, and that’s me lol.

This crazy book journey started one cold winter day many moons ago with one Instagram post. What the heck was bookstagram, I had no idea. Since then, I have moved to my quiet little blog space where I can share my bookish love with the world and at the same time be the crazy med student I have to be each day. 

Reading has always been my fav thing ever. Homeschool days were accomplished with a Little House on the Prairie book snuck inside my desk drawer while video lessons played on (I know, I know, I have confessed my schoolish sins to my gracious mom, lol).

I want to make this blog a cozy book den of literary goodness, where you can find not just book reviews, but also interviews from your fav Christian authors, blog posts, giveaways… An explosion of bookish goodness.

The perfect combo ever. 

Having said that, I love reading almost all generes except paranormal, horror, and those kinds of *eek* stuff. 

Give me all the fluff. I love fluff. Fluff is gooddddd. 

Some of my fav authors are Mesu Andrews, Abigail Wilson, Roseanna M. White, C.S. Lewis, Tolkien, and L.M. Montgomery.

Much love, 


”Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.” -1 Cor. 10:31