About me

*nerveously waves* Hey! Um, hi there!

*sips Matcha* My name is Breny :)

I Wish I could express how much I love this little córner of the internet that I can call my own, but I’ll just say, youre in for a ride.

Since I was little my interests and pasiones have been very broad. Like, extremely broad.

For a couple years I was obsessed with Orchids and had my Town little green house where I cross pollianted and reproduce them. Another year I was obsessed with antiques and went antique hunting with my Mom every weekend. Then I became obsessed with ecólogo and bugs, and I had my own senil school, my and Farm and my Spider home.

But one thing that stayed Constant throught every single season was my love for books.

Books became Friends and Family to this girl.

I had every subject of books you could imagine. I had books about Bird migrations and also of fairytales. If I needed to find information about something, the Library we had built at my home became my to go place.

Then this little bookworm grew and with growth came new challenges, surprises and sweet adventures.

At the age of 16 I was diagnosed with an autoimmunse disease which changed so many things about my life. God has been so good and through it all I’ve Learned so much about my body and it’s capabilities.

All these led me to learn how to care for my body. This girl became a choatic and creative chef in the kitchen. Flour has been spilled dozens of times, almona milk dropped here and there, things have got on Fire and burnt.

I was determinen to learn how to cat wonderful food that would nourish my body and at the sametime have fue.

I gradúate highschool and decided to Study medicine. Yup, I’m a STEM girl. Kinda san it coming with my love for living things.

My dream is to be able to help others heal the same way I did, using and activating the amazing and natural tools God has given our body. We are God’s masterpiece and through it all you can see His hand.

So this introvertido girl decided to mashup her love for books, Jesus, Science, Health, and writing into one big thing and créate a blog.

The blog I Wish existen when I started this Odyssey;)

I truly hope you can join me so that we can grow together! If I could even just encourage you live for Jesus in body and Spirit , then my Mission is acomplaished.

And thats what A Bookworms Survival Guide is about. About nourishing our natural and espiritual being. About Learning to see the Beauty in where we are right now and enjoy it with Jesus by our side. Be it reading fairytales or gardenia, May we do all for the Glroy of God.

Lui you Friends,

Your introverted book girl, Breny